Large Dent Repair

Being faced with the necessity of getting your car fixed, especially when it comes to body work, is a very stressful situation that is dreaded by everyone. At a normal dealership or body shop, you have to go get an estimate, wait until they work you into their schedule, and then it takes weeks for them to repair and repaint your vehicle. It seems that no matter how small the dent, your car could be in the shop for weeks on end and the prices are always expensive.

Dent Genius is different than most body shops. The Dent Genius of Manhattan is able to provide you a low cost alternative at an extremely quick turnaround time. The key to our service success is Paintless Dent Repair. This method uses a variety of tools, a systematic approach, and the natural curvature of the car body to massage out any size dent on any type of car.

Dent Genius Large Dent Repair

At Dent Genius of Manhattan, we analyze several factors of the dent before deciding on the best method for fixing it. A large dent could mean it spans across a large area of the car, or it could mean that the dent is very deep. Our Paintless Repair methods are faster, and cost a lot less than the standard dent repair offered by any dealership or traditional body shop.

Dent Genius can handle any type of vehicle from high end luxury cars to that 15 year old Toyota you’ve been driving since college. Our process is so fast and reliable that you can even have a rental car fixed, avoiding the huge fees that car rental companies will tack on for damage. Dent Genius is all about low cost dent repair, so you don’t have to worry about insurance deductibles and the possibility of raised rates because of damage.
Dent Genius is truly a better option for large dent repair in the New York Area. You will find their Paintless Dent Repair technique fast, easy, and affordable. Call or contact us today for a free estimate.